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gerstengrasFrisches Gerstengras in der Natur

Everything you need to know about barley grass and barley grass powder

In a fast-paced world where health and natural nutrition are becoming increasingly important, people are increasingly looking for superfoods like barley grass to boost their vitality. What exact...

melatoninJetlag: Ursachen, Symptome und wie Melatonin helfen kann

Jet lag: causes, symptoms and how melatonin can help

What is jet lag? Jet lag is a temporary sleep disorder that occurs when the body's internal biological clock does not match the time zone in which one is located. This phenomenon becomes particu...

melatoninSammlung von Früchten, Gemüse und Nüssen

The importance of vitamins for sleep

Vitamins play a crucial role in our daily lives, even if they often act in the background. Their influence on our sleep-wake cycle is particularly noteworthy. But how exactly do they affect our sle...

melatoninSchlafende Person mit Visualisierung von Neurotransmittern über dem Kopf

GABA and sleep: An in-depth analysis

Among the numerous neurotransmitters that influence our brain activity, GABA – gamma-aminobutyric acid – serves as a calming constant that helps us relax and enter a deep sleep. GABA at a glance ...

melatoninVisualisierung eines Gehirn

The Pineal Gland: The organ behind melatonin production

In a world where science and mysticism often go hand in hand, the pineal gland remains a central hub that connects the two realms. Historically referred to as the "third eye" or "seat of the soul",...

cdlMann steht an einem Seeufer

Chlorine Dioxide Solution: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying CDL

Chlorine dioxide solution (CDL) has become increasingly popular in recent years, both in industry and among private individuals. But what exactly is CDL? And why should you buy it? What is Chlor...