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Epsom salt Epsom salt

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✓ Natural relaxation: Epsom salt in a warm bath can relieve muscle tension
✓ Skin Care: It can help give the skin a soft and supple feeling
✓ Plant Growth: It can help plants grow more lushly and produce more flowers
✓ 100% pure mineral: Epsom salt consists of pure magnesium sulfate without artificial additives
Versatile application: Whether for baths, foot baths or as an ingredient in cosmetic products – Epsom salt is versatile and easy to use
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What is Epsom Salt?

Epsom salt, also known as Epsom salt, is a natural magnesium sulfate. It is often used in relaxing baths as it can help relieve muscle tension and nourish the skin. Aside from its contribution to well-being, it can also serve as a natural fertilizer in garden care . Its purifying properties also make it a valued ingredient in detox treatments. In addition to these applications, many praise the beneficial effects of an Epsom salt bath after a strenuous day.

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