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Himalayan salt

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✓ Unique mineral composition: Himalayan salt contains over 80 minerals and trace elements
✓ Natural quality: Obtained from the deep salt mines of the Himalayan mountains
✓ Fine aroma: Its special taste refines dishes and makes them a culinary experience
✓ Soothing: As a bath additive, Himalayan crystal salt can have a relaxing effect and support skin care
✓ 100% Natural: No artificial additives or preservatives
Versatile Use: Whether for seasoning, for baths or in salt lamps - Himalayan salt enriches everyday life in many ways
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Buy Himalayan crystal salt: natural and versatile in use

Himalayan salt , often referred to as "pink gold", comes from the salt mines of the Himalayan Mountains. It differs from conventional table salt due to its pink color and the richness of over 80 minerals and trace elements . Away from the kitchen, it also unfolds its potential in soothing wellness rituals: a bath in Himalayan salt not only relaxes the body, but also nourishes the skin. Whether as a gourmet spice or as a revitalizing bath - with Himalayan salt you can bring a piece of ancient purity into your home.

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