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DMSO 99.9% (Ph. Eur.)

Our dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) 99.9% in pharmaceutical purity (Ph. Eur.) embodies this standard perfectly. Its remarkable properties open doors to a wide range of applications , and our consistent adherence to strict production standards assures you that you always get the best in terms of purity and efficiency.

Each size is available in a savings pack.


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DMSO Ph. Eur. 1000 ml
DMSO 99.9% (Ph.Eur.) 1000ml Sale priceFrom €39,90 EUR(€39,90/l)
DMSO Ph. Eur. 100 ml
DMSO 99.9% (Ph.Eur.) 100ml Sale priceFrom €12,90 EUR(€12,90/100ml)
DMSO Ph. Eur. 250 ml
DMSO 99.9% (Ph.Eur.) 250ml Sale priceFrom €19,90 EUR(€7,96/100ml)
DMSO Ph. Eur. 500 ml
DMSO 99.9% (Ph.Eur.) 500ml Sale priceFrom €29,90 EUR(€59,80/l)