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Zeolite clinoptilolite

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✓ Finest grinding: Thanks to a precise grain size of less than 20 µm, our zeolite powder optimally develops its unique properties
✓ High clinoptilolite content: With a content of up to 92%, our zeolite powder sets standards
✓ Natural purity: 100% natural zeolite without any additives guarantees first-class quality
✓ European origin: Our zeolite powder comes directly from Slovakia and embodies the highest European standards
✓ Generous & economical packaging: With a sustainable stand-up bag of 500 grams, we not only offer a generous amount, but also attractive savings packages: If you buy 2 bags you get a 10% discount and if you buy 5 bags you even get a 15% discount
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What is Zeolite?

Zeolite powder is a finely ground mineral silicate that comes from volcanic origin . It consists primarily of a unique structure of micropores and channels that allow it to bind or adsorb molecules of various sizes and shapes. Thanks to these unique properties, zeolite powder is often used to detoxify the body . It has the ability to bind and remove heavy metals, toxins and other unwanted substances from the body. In addition, zeolite powder is used in many industrial applications , in agriculture , in water purification and in other areas. Its high adsorption capacity and cation exchange ability make it a valuable tool for many applications.

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