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Minerals such as magnesium, which is important for muscle relaxation and energy metabolism, or zinc, a key player in the immune system, form the solid foundation of a functioning body. Our selection ensures that you always get the best of nature to keep your body and mind in balance.


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MSM powder
MSM powder Sale price€14,90 EUR(€29,80/kg)
Zinc drops in high doses
Zinc drops in high doses Sale price€14,90 EUR(€29,80/100ml)
Selenium drops
Selenium drops Sale price€14,90 EUR(€29,80/100ml)
Mineral complex
Mineral complex Sale price€16,90 EUR(€14,80/100g)
Magnesium capsules
Magnesium capsules Sale price€18,90 EUR(€26,62/100g)
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Selenium complex
Selenium complex Sale price€9,90 EUR Regular price€15,90 EUR(€9,43/100g)