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Our superfoods are the heart of vital nutrition, obtained from nature's finest sources. Every serving is a promise of energy and a conscious attitude to life.

Discover the rich diversity and potential of our superfoods and make them an integral part of your daily diet. Vitality and well-being are just a click away.


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Chlorella powder
Chlorella powder Sale price€22,90 EUR(€45,80/kg)
Sleep Spray sleep complex
Sleep Spray sleep complex Sale price€17,90 EUR(€35,80/100ml)
Spirulina powder
Spirulina powder Sale price€12,90 EUR(€25,80/kg)
Sold out
Omega 3 algae oil
Omega 3 algae oil Sale price€14,90 EUR Regular price€22,90 EUR(€3,08/10g)
Barley grass powder
Barley grass powder Sale price€16,90 EUR(€33,80/kg)
Sold out
Turmeric extract capsules
Turmeric extract capsules Sale price€14,90 EUR Regular price€19,90 EUR(€22,24/100g)
Sold out
Monk pepper extract capsules
Monk pepper extract capsules Sale price€9,90 EUR Regular price€15,90 EUR(€14,14/100g)