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CDL 0.3% 2-component chlorine dioxide solution 250 ml

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Our 2-component chlorine dioxide solution is an innovative and effective solution for combating bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, germs, biofilms and legionella. Quick and easy activation using the enclosed powder sachet creates a highly effective disinfectant solution.

✔ Actively combats bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, germs, biofilms and legionella
✔ Quick and easy activation using a powder sachet
✔ Particularly long shelf life of up to 4 years: activation only when used
✔ In a robust brown glass bottle with screw cap and FREE PE pipette

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What is Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDL)?

Chlorine dioxide solution , often referred to as CDL, is a specialized drinking water treatment solution. It contains chlorine dioxide (ClO₂) , an effective oxidizing agent that is characterized by its effectiveness in combating microorganisms and is chemically different from chlorine. CDL can be produced in several ways: one method involves reacting sodium chlorite with an acid, while an alternative method uses the oxidation process . It is a preferred method for water disinfection because it produces fewer by-products than other disinfectants and is particularly efficient.

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