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DMSO 99.9% (Ph.Eur.) 500ml

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✓ Absolute purity: 99.9% pure DMSO guarantees the highest quality
✓ All-round talent: Ideal for laboratory, research and therapeutic measures
✓ Top quality: Manufactured according to the strictest pharmaceutical standards
✓ Pure DMSO: Completely free of additives
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Crowd: 500ml

DMSO in its purest form: A pharmaceutical purity level of 99.9%

Discover DMSO in its purest form. For those who expect only the best, we offer a DMSO that stands out with an impressive purity of 99.9% - a sign of quality and versatility in every application.

Filled in special brown glass bottles, our DMSO remains protected from light. This carefully chosen packaging not only preserves the quality of the DMSO, but is also environmentally friendly.

DMSO with a pharmaceutical grade of 99.9% has become the preferred choice for professionals and users seeking quality without compromise . Its unparalleled level of purity ensures that it is free from any contaminants, providing a sense of security with every use .

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