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Would you like to buy natural vitamins and trace elements ? We offer you a large selection of high-quality nutritional supplements from vitalexo® that will help you supply your body with important nutrients. Our natural vitamins and trace elements come from selected, natural sources and are carefully manufactured in Germany. Regular analyzes by German testing laboratories also ensure safety and certainty.

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MSM powder
MSM powder Sale price€14,90 EUR(€29,80/kg)
Chlorella powder
Chlorella powder Sale price€22,90 EUR(€45,80/kg)
Zinc drops in high doses
Zinc drops in high doses Sale price€14,90 EUR(€29,80/100ml)
Sleep Spray sleep complex
Sleep Spray sleep complex Sale price€17,90 EUR(€35,80/100ml)
Selenium drops
Selenium drops Sale price€14,90 EUR(€29,80/100ml)
Mineral complex
Mineral complex Sale price€16,90 EUR(€14,80/100g)
Vitamin D3 drops
Vitamin D3 drops Sale price€15,90 EUR(€31,80/100ml)
Spirulina powder
Spirulina powder Sale price€12,90 EUR(€25,80/kg)
Magnesium capsules
Magnesium capsules Sale price€18,90 EUR(€26,62/100g)
Sold out
Vitamin D3 + K2 drops
Vitamin D3 + K2 drops Sale price€21,90 EUR(€73,00/100ml)
Barley grass powder
Barley grass powder Sale price€16,90 EUR(€33,80/kg)
Sold out
Vitamin B12 pellets
Vitamin B12 pellets Sale price€13,90 EUR Regular price€18,90 EUR(€25,74/100g)
Sold out
Omega 3 algae oil
Omega 3 algae oil Sale price€14,90 EUR Regular price€22,90 EUR(€3,08/10g)
Sold out
Selenium complex
Selenium complex Sale price€9,90 EUR Regular price€15,90 EUR(€9,43/100g)
Sold out
Turmeric extract capsules
Turmeric extract capsules Sale price€14,90 EUR Regular price€19,90 EUR(€22,24/100g)
Natural Vitamin C
Natural Vitamin C Sale price€18,90 EUR(€60,97/100g)
Sold out
Monk pepper extract capsules
Monk pepper extract capsules Sale price€9,90 EUR Regular price€15,90 EUR(€14,14/100g)