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Our bestseller list clearly shows which products are very popular with our customers. DMSO 99.9% , appreciated for its versatility and purity; CDL 0.3% , which has made a name for itself as an efficient drinking water disinfectant; Natural zeolite powder , just as versatile and sought after for various applications. The particularly high doses of vitamin D3 drops are ideal for meeting your daily needs. Our zinc sulfate drops, on the other hand, impress with their special formulation, which specifically addresses the needs of our customers.

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Zeolith Klinoptilolith im Standbodenbeutel
Zeolite clinoptilolite Sale priceFrom €12,90 EUR(€25,80/kg)
DMSO Ph. Eur. 1000 ml
DMSO 99.9% (Ph.Eur.) 1000ml Sale priceFrom €39,90 EUR(€39,90/l)
CDL 0,3% Fertiglösung 250 ml
CDL 0.3% chlorine dioxide solution 250 ml Sale priceFrom €24,90 EUR(€9,96/100ml)
Gereinigtes Wasser 500 ml
Purified water Sale priceFrom €9,90 EUR
DMSO Ph. Eur. 100 ml
DMSO 99.9% (Ph.Eur.) 100ml Sale priceFrom €12,90 EUR(€12,90/100ml)
MSM powder
MSM powder Sale price€14,90 EUR(€29,80/kg)
Zinc drops in high doses
Zinc drops in high doses Sale price€14,90 EUR(€29,80/100ml)
Vitamin D3 drops
Vitamin D3 drops Sale price€15,90 EUR(€31,80/100ml)