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Minerals & more

Our range combines high-quality minerals and natural solutions to create an incomparable selection. From zeolite , known for its binding ability, to the invigorating Himalayan salt, to revitalizing magnesium oil and the natural sweetener birch sugar: our products stand for quality and naturalness - without compromise.


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Zeolith Klinoptilolith im Standbodenbeutel
Zeolite clinoptilolite Sale priceFrom €12,90 EUR(€25,80/kg)
Gereinigtes Wasser 500 ml
Purified water Sale priceFrom €9,90 EUR
Magnesiumöl 100 ml
Magnesium oil 100 ml Sale priceFrom €8,90 EUR(€8,90/100ml)
Zechstein Magnesium-Öl mit gratis Sprühflasche
Zechstein magnesium oil 500 ml + 100ml spray bottle Sale price€24,90 EUR(€4,98/100ml)
Kolloidales Silber 100 ml
Colloidal silver 25 ppm 100 ml Sale price€9,90 EUR(€9,90/100ml)
Bentonit Pulver im Beutel
Bentonite powder Sale priceFrom €14,90 EUR(€29,80/kg)
Natron Pulver 750 g
baking soda Sale priceFrom €7,90 EUR(€10,53/kg)
Himalayan salt
Himalayan salt Sale price€8,90 EUR(€11,87/kg)
Kolloidales Silber 500 ml
Colloidal silver 25 ppm 500 ml Sale price€24,90 EUR(€4,98/100ml)
Birch sugar xylitol
Birch sugar xylitol Sale price€16,90 EUR(€22,53/kg)
Epsom salt Epsom salt
Epsom salt Epsom salt Sale price€7,90 EUR(€10,53/kg)