Magnesium Oil: The Miracle Cure for Health and Wellness?

Frau nimmt Bad mit Magnesiumöl

In recent years, magnesium oil has become one of the most sought-after natural remedies, especially among those looking for an effective method to relieve muscle spasms , sleep problems and stress. But what makes magnesium oil so special and how does it differ from other forms of magnesium? In this article, we delve deep into the world of magnesium oil and explore its numerous benefits and uses.

What is Magnesium Oil?

Despite the name "oil", magnesium oil is not an oily or fatty substance. Instead, it is a highly concentrated, saturated solution of magnesium chloride in water . This term may seem confusing at first, as when we hear the word "oil" we often think of a greasy, thick liquid. The reason for the name lies in the special texture and feeling on the skin that magnesium oil gives after use. When applied, it absorbs quickly and leaves a smooth, silky finish on the skin, similar to many oils. It can also produce a slight tingling or warm feeling, which many people find calming and pleasant. This unique skin experience, combined with the high magnesium content, makes it a popular product for various wellness and health applications .

Why is magnesium important?

Magnesium is an essential mineral that is involved in over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body . It supports a variety of body functions including:

  • Muscle function
  • Nerve function
  • Energy metabolism
  • Bone building

Despite its importance, studies have shown that many people do not get enough magnesium in their diet, which can lead to a deficiency .

    How effective is magnesium absorption through the skin?

    Although magnesium oil is popular due to its many potential benefits, there are some considerations regarding the effectiveness of transdermal (through the skin) absorption of magnesium. The skin has both an external callous structure and a fatty layer that makes it difficult for aqueous solutions such as magnesium chloride to penetrate.

    There are also hormones and other active ingredients that are administered transdermally using special carrier substances. But magnesium has a different molecular structure and behavior than these substances. A study published in 2017 challenged the idea that there is a natural transport system in our skin that effectively transports magnesium from the outside into the bloodstream.

    The role of DMSO

    DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) is an organic solvent known in alternative medicine as a means of improving the transdermal absorption of active ingredients . There are some who suggest using DMSO along with magnesium oil to improve the skin's absorption of magnesium. However, if you are interested in this approach, it is essential to carry out further research and consult a professional.

    Production of magnesium oil

    The production of magnesium oil requires a simple procedure, with the main focus being on the quality of the ingredients. Essentially, magnesium chloride, which is either in the form of flakes or powder, is dissolved in distilled water . Depending on the desired end product and consistency, the mixing ratios vary. Popular concentrations include 31% or 27.5% solutions.

    To make magnesium oil, the magnesium chloride is constantly stirred into the water until it is completely dissolved. This process can vary depending on the amount and type of magnesium chloride (flakes or powder). It is not necessary to heat the water, but it may take varying amounts of time to dissolve at room temperature depending on the fineness of the powder or flakes.

    Once a homogeneous solution has been created, it can be filled into spray bottles or other suitable containers. The result is a clear liquid that, despite its watery origin, leaves an "oily" feeling on the skin, which gives the product its name. It is particularly important to pay attention to the purity and quality of the ingredients in order to obtain a high-quality magnesium oil .

    Zechstein magnesium oil

    Zechstein Magnesium Oil is a special form of magnesium oil that comes from the Zechstein Sea, an ancient, underground sea that dried up millions of years ago. It is often considered the purest magnesium oil available because it is extracted from a depth of 2 kilometers below the earth's surface, far from modern pollution. This origin makes Zechstein magnesium oil particularly popular among users who are looking for a natural and unadulterated source of magnesium.

    Application of magnesium oil

    Magnesium oil can be sprayed directly onto the skin and massaged in. It is often applied to areas of muscle spasms or tension, but can also be used for full baths or foot baths.

    possible side effects

    While magnesium oil is safe for most people, it can cause skin irritation for some. It's always a good idea to test the oil on a small area of ​​skin first.


    Despite the debate over the effectiveness of transdermal absorption of magnesium, magnesium oil remains a popular remedy for many seeking natural ways to relieve discomfort.

    If you have any further questions about magnesium oil, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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